S0rry for the W8

August 09, 2021 MaJhane aka MamMaJ Episode 66
S0rry for the W8
Show Notes

Hello honey, I'm home!

In this week's episode, we are starting with a coherent breathing exercise. I know it's been a minute (or maybe you've been binging and I'm right on time for you!) so I will explain how beneficial these exercises can be for your mental health. Coherent breathing helps to reduce stress and anxiety in the body. 

Afterward, I talk about why I have been away for so long. Funny, this was meant to be a short episode but here we are. Even in the midst of me making excuses for myself, I've found a way to stay true to the pod and sprinkle a couple of gems I hope you pick up on. Tune in for more!

Meditation music provided by Chris Collins at
DP the Unknown provides episode theme music titled "Here/If"

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