Failing Forward

February 01, 2021 MaJhane aka MamMaJ Episode 57
Failing Forward
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Hi, my babies! Welcome back to another episode of love and open conversation 🥰 Since Ep 55’s guided meditation got lost in translation it’ll be on today’s episode 🧘🏾‍♀️ We are continuing to practice stillness and mindfulness✨ I also added a lovingkindness exercise at the end to continue spreading love throughout our bodies. Take this wonderful advantage to align with your inner self!✨ As for the episode, I share why I decided to go from Anchor➡️Libsyn➡️Buzzsprouts LOL. I promise this is my last time switching hosts for a long while. Tune in to find out why!

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Intro I  0:15
Hello, my babies welcome back to another episode its ya girl MaJhané aka MamMaJ and you are listening to MamMaJ(ism). We are going to go ahead and get started with a guided meditation so go ahead and get in a comfortable position, whatever that may look like for you. It could be sitting down or laying down it cannot be in a car though (laughs). That is my only rule. Okay, you in that comfortable position?

Go ahead and just give me a few shoulder rolls. Imma do it with ya. Nice and slow. You can go ahead and tilt your head left and right, left and right. And then you can give me a-go ahead and circle your head two times in one direction and then rotate it around in the other direction too. Good.

Alright, now that we’ve loosened up our bodies a bit we are going to close our eyes or lightly rest them. Whatever feels comfortable for you and we’ll go ahead and get started with our deep breaths.

Give me a nice long slow inhale. Hold. Exhale. Hold. Inhale. Exhale. Hold. Inhale. Exhale.

Beautiful. Go ahead and return to your normal breathing.

Alright, we’re just going to take a moment and just acknowledge all the things that are going on in our head right now.

Acknowledge your feelings. Allow this to be your check-in. What mood are you in in this current moment? Are you upset? Tired? Relieved? Happy? Content? There are so many emotions that you could be feeling right now and it’s important for you to be able to name them. Acknowledge them.

Beautiful. Alright, now I would like for you to gently start to push your thoughts off to the side. It might be a bit tough, it's okay. Just try your best. And if those thoughts keep coming to your mind acknowledge them and once again push them off to the side. And just focus on the music in the background.

As we continue with these moments of stillness, I invite you to breathe in all that you have been manifesting: love, hope, financial abundance, beauty, respect, guidance.

As you exhale I want you to release those feelings of fear, stress, burdens, inadequacy.

Continue with this intentional breathing.

Lovingkindness exercise 6:38
As we prepare to bring our awareness back to our surroundings, I want to first take one last moment to offer ourselves some Lovingkindness. If you can, place you hand over your heart and repeat after me,

“I am love. I am whole. I am enough.”
“I am love. I am whole. I am enough.”
“I am love. I am whole. I am enough.”
“I am love. I am whole. I am enough.”

You can go ahead and put your hands back at your sides or in your lap. And we’ll close out with this final deep breaths.

Give me a nice long slow inhale, hold, and release.
Hold. inhale. Hold. And release.
Hold. inhale. Hold. And release.

Awesome thank you thank you for doing that guided meditation with me. Remember to always give yourself that lovingkindness and that grace. Let’s go ahead and get on with the episode.

[DP the Unknown - "Here/If"] 8:52

Intro II 9:22
Hello, my babies. Welcome back to another episode. It's your girl MaJhane aka MamMaJ, and you are listening to MamMaJism. Thank you so much for deciding to listen in on this talk of love and honest conversation, so let's get into it. We are going to go ahead and get started. Sorry. If I keep looking down, I'm looking at my notes.

Last week recap 9:42
Okay. But we're going to get started with a little recap of last week. So last week I talked about how I made the switch from the Anchor app to Libsyn you know, some pros and cons about Anchor and why I decided to choose Libsyn. Well, this week, (laughs)  I am going to be talking about why I decided to leave Libsyn. And now I'm with Buzzsprout officially no more moving around. This is the last time. Okay. A lot has happened in the week that I actually posted that podcast. I just put so much work into the episode that I didn't have time to go back and rerecord and let you know, actually I'm not at Libsyn, but I knew it didn't really matter in the long run if I waited a week to talk about it. So that is what this week is about. So we're just going to go ahead and hop right into it.

Why I left Libsyn 10:30
So why did I decide to leave Libsyn? Well, they have a very confusing interface for me personally. It was overwhelming like the wording that they use, the way that everything's set up. It, it, it wasn't very, it wasn't, I don't know. It just didn't sit right with my spirit. Right.  (laughs) So I just like, I don't know what I'm doing, but this is very confusing for me. So I was doing a whole lot of back and forth talk with the people who work with or work at Libsyn just to kind of get a better understanding of how everything works and like the whole media file thing, not being able to upload two of my files for one episode was really throwing me off. And I wasn't sure what was going on there.

Last week when I was talking about how I really liked The people that I talked to like they were friendly, the support people, the first guy that I talked to very, very dope, like very helpful, really enjoyed him. But the second person that I talked to when I was trying to figure out ways where I can make uploading on the platform work for me, he just was not very helpful. And my original problem was the fact that I couldn't upload two files for one. So we kept having this back and forth where he was saying, yes, you can upload one media file. And I'm like, okay, cool. But I'm asking about two, is that possible?

And he just kept rerouting the conversation until finally, I was like, so to make sure we're on the same page, you are saying this, I'm saying, "I need this. Can you do this? Yes or no?" "Oh, you want to know if you can do this? Yeah, no, we don't do that." We've been emailing back and forth for a whole day, dude.

Like  (laughs) I could have already gotten my answer like earlier this morning, but you weren't listening. You weren't paying attention to what I was asking you. So that really, it left a bad taste in my mouth and I didn't like that.

And I didn't like- I don't like how with, with Libsyn, you have to they go by storage.
They tell you how much storage you have left. So they had like I had mentioned, they have different plans for you, depending on how much you want to pay. And depending on how much storage you would actually need to upload your content. So it goes monthly. So if you are like me and you kind of have a podcast episodes that range between the 20 and 30-minute mark that's somewhere around like 30 megabytes or something like that.

And so their cheapest plan, which was like $5 plus two for like limited stats. So seven it's like $7 that really only allowed me to episode to upload like one and a half full episodes. And so that didn't really work for me, but I wasn't able to convert it in my mind because I don't work off of megabytes and gigabytes.

I, I had to Google how to convert it. Like, you know, when you're cooking. With the measurements, like I just didn't know what the hell they were talking about. So I was like, okay, well, this was a little weird. I do like the fact that I did use that code from Carla in order to make the switch. So I have this month and then the next month free. Which is like stress free for me, because it allows me to kind of be sure if this is something that I want to actually pay for.

And because of that, I was able to safely move over to Buzzsprouts without feeling like, damn, I just wasted $7 because I did not like what was going down. So that was pretty much why I left Libsyn. And I will say the reason why I made the switch to Buzzsprouts because as I mentioned, there are other podcast publishing platforms for you to use.

Right. And I think I'm going to do a separate episode on that. I'm going to do a whole little like series for people who decided that they want to get started with the podcast kind of just to help you out. So I'll talk more about all the different kinds of what they offer. It truly is whatever it is that you're into.

It really depends on your preferences and things like that, Libsyn just wasn't for me. And that's okay. I had to, you know, go on it and, and, and figure it out and see what it's like in order to make that decision for myself at the end of the day, nobody can tell you what you you're gonna like, you have to figure it out.

Why I switched to Buzzsprouts 14:16
So I realized Libsyn's not for me and I did some research. Looked at the Buzzsprouts website and saw that they were very user-friendly and honestly, I feel like Buzzsprouts is a really good step up from Anchor. I'll kind of get into a little bit about that. So my experience with Buzzsprouts so far so it all started with an email.

I sent them asking them if they are able to have me upload multiple files, like how Anchor was so that I can you know, Have my episodes on without having to worry about making a part two or whatever. They send, unfortunately, they don't. But the difference between what Buzzsprouts did than what Libsyn did for me is that they actually sent me links to different places where I can edit my files to merge them together, basically.

And this was all before I, I had even like said, okay, I'm going to, you know, work with y'all now. Like they offer the information for free without me having to do anything. They just wanted to help. And I was like, wow, y'all real ones. I like that. I respect that because that shows me that you actually care about the podcaster and not just trying to get their money.

So I was like, okay, because of that, like, I'm definitely gonna sign up with you now because. I really like how you are helpful and not only provide me suggestions, you know, you also give me links to different places that I can go to. People at Libsyn were like, "yeah, I don't know, people usually just Google it" and I'm like, Oh, rude. I spent like two hours trying to figure out the best way to try and merge my two files together and I was coming up with nothing and here you are not being helpful, whatever. So (laughs)  I really loved how Buzzsprouts handled that situation and helped me out.

Some Buzzsprout pros 15:49
So when I actually went on their website, signed in, created an account and everything, I really, really, really love their interface and they do it by minutes. Right. So depending on whatever plan that you pick it tells you how many hours you have left of that storage space for the month, which is perfect.

I don't have to try and convert shit. Like, you know, I don't have to look into how much is so-and-so megabytes, you know? So. First of all, won me over already. They allowed me to add transcriptions to every episode. And if y'all know me, y'all know I'm all about my captions. I'm really trying to be inclusive for everything and for all people.

So I love that it allows you to put transcriptions directly onto  The episode for you. And then you can also do chapter markers, which is cool. So a lot of times I know people will kind of like to skip through, or they don't have time to listen to the full episodes, they kind of want to get to the meat and potatoes.

I understand that. So now I'm going to start putting chapter markers in, and it's only available for platforms that allow that. So Buzzsprouts obviously would be one. I don't know of any others, but I guess you'll find out  (laughs)  depending on what, what what source do you listen to it with?

And as I mentioned, their staff super friendly. I asked questions and they gave me solutions without me being a part of their platform. And they're easy to work with and just super friendly. Really love it. So yeah, so now I'm officially with Buzzsprouts.

The thing that sucks though, about moving around so much is that my stats are completely fucked up. Like  (laughs)  I have no idea how many people are listening. What website they're using or anything like that, just because I moved around so much jumping from anchor to Libsyn to now bus sprouts everything's all over the place and it's not showing like my true stats, but it's fine because I think it kind of is now allowing me a fresh start.

Can't be mad at that. So it's gonna take me some time to kind of get used to everything and refigure things out and wait for like, My true analysis to, to hop in or to kick in so that I can know what the heck is going on, but I am truly, truly satisfied with my choice of making the switch yet again.

This week's challenge 17:57
The challenge for today is and not even for today, just in general, that I challenge you to allow yourself to fail forward.

I made a whole episode about making the switch to Libsyn and it ended up not being the right fit for me. And that's okay. I was able to see that it wasn't working out and, you know, I was proactive about it. I didn't sit there and be like, oh, I'm at a whole episode. Now people are going to judge me or people are gonna laugh at me because I was going hard for this and now I'm wrong.

Like, no I learned that you know, Libsyn is a great app for people who enjoy the things that they offer. It's just not for me. And Buzzsprouts is something that I really enjoy. It's just user-friendly for me, you know, it just works for me. So allow yourself to fail forward. And, you know, take accountability for your actions  (laughs)  and don't be afraid to, you know, I wouldn't even say accept defeat, but don't be afraid to like, know that even if you got it wrong, the first time don't count yourself out. Just allow yourself that time and that space to regroup and, you know, move forward when you have another plan or Something that's going to help propel you in the long run.

So that's what I have for you today. Thank you so much for tuning in until next time.  (smooches) Bye-bye now.

Outro 19:12
Thank you for listening. Please make sure to subscribe. If you haven't already and follow all the socials at MamMaJism, that's M a M M a J I S M. If you decide you want to financially support me on my accounts, you'll be able to find out how thanks in advance. Until we meet again, please be kind to one another.
And from the bottom of my heart, I love you.

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